Technology companies and brands are finding themselves increasingly competing in ever-crowded spaces, wondering what might set them apart from the crowd. Not surprisingly, the key factor for success for many tech startups has been influencer marketing campaigns.



Our approach is helping the client determine their goals and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) while connecting them with influencers that share branded assets from their audience to our clients.


Identifying the right influencer:

We know that influencers you choose will be representing your brand, so before we work with someone,. we do thorough research before approaching anyone. We make sure all influencer stats check out. We work with many third party software that are able to filter through fake influencer profiles.


Optimizing Content:

It is common to promote your content across multiple social media channels (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat.) So choosing the right media channel is very important making sure your target audience is inline with our campaign.


Measure Your Results:

With any marketing efforts, we make sure that your influencer campaign is performing to the best of its ability to deliver ROI. We look back at the KPIs we defined when putting together your campaign strategy and answer these questions: Have you made progress? What have you learned from your audience? Which posts are performing the best? Which posts are underperforming?

Related Work:


Client: Bodaskins (Instagram @Bodaskins 185k followers)


Influencer: Mack Wilds (Actor/Artist/Songwriter) (instagram @513K)


Social Media Channel: Instagram


KPI: (Engagement & Impressions)


Results: Over 100,000 Likes/impressions with over 5000 comments sending an estimated total of 50,000 impressions to Bodaskins Instagram page and website.




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