We create and build your Buzz in the digital space for small businesses and leading brands..
We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.
About Buzz Engine
We pride ourselves with our strong creative branding skills and ability to build powerful digital campaigns and successful websites. We believe that personal relationships with our clients are the root of any successful business.

BuzzEngine is a boutique digital marketing firm, serving small businesses, fortune 100 and fortune 500 brands. We help you build a BUZZ in the digital space. We provide the very best service to our clients and fully respect client budgets and timescales. Not only do we build websites for start up business’, be it just for contact purposes or full ecommerce sites, we also provide services such as Social Media Marketing/Management, Content Creation, Email Marketing, SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click and Blogging to name a few.

We also provide services for web design agencies that are overloaded or wish to outsource some of their creative work to us.

Client say,
"this company is truly creative and professional. i dealt with Junn daily and he managed the website project from start to finish on time and exceeded my expectations. i will continue to work with buzzengine and i absolutely recommend them."
Our services
We provide a broad range of web development and digital marketing services to help you maximize your reach and presence in the digital space. Good web design and constant activity in different areas online will help grow your business/brand but will also allow your brand to interact and engage with your customer, answer questions, receive feedback and give your customer 24hour information service on a global scale.

?Web Design and Content creation

We believe it's important to design your website in a way that expresses a sense of credibility, information and trust. Buzz Engine provide functional designs that focus on user experience so your website is not only beautiful but functional.

^Web Develop

We embrace the latest accessibility guidelines, usability recommendations and worldwide standards from industry bodies such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and deliver solutions using latest and best technologies such as XHTML, CSS, XML, Adobe Flash, Microsoft.NET, and PHP.


We always interact with you to understand your business, where you want to be and so we are confident we understand your business. We have the skills to help you rank at the top of search engines through meta data keywords, page description to page titles. Search engines this day in age are increasingly difficult to please so we make sure we are up to date on all crawl dates and compliant coding techniques.

+E-Commerce and Email marketing.

The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinarily with widespread internet usage. We are confident that we are amongst the best to develop powerful and simple e-commerce applications for your online consumers.

pWordpress and blogging

WordPress was designed as an easy to use blogging application, by paying a very small amount you can run your Blog simply and without it being a daily drag.

iWebsite Maintenance

Web site maintenance recommendations are based on the estimated number of hours required, every month, to keep your web site updated. All hours allocated are used at your discretion, and are typically used by clients in different ways: some choose to bank the time, and carry out large updates every couple of months; some use every last minute (and probably then some), every month. We are completely flexible.

Our clients range from small and medium sized businesses through to large brands such as Ducati and Absolut Vodka. We have chosen to feature the following sample websites and various projects from our vast portfolio, so you can see a complete variety of different designs and project sizes to suit all budgets utilizing many different technologies. Many more examples are available on request.

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Buzz Engine also take on projects that are either too small for larger agencies or do not quite meet their criteria. Our consultants and project managers are keen to discuss any project you may have.
New York, NY , USA
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